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"This course is brilliant. It gives real world solutions to real world problems. Parents complaining about equal playing time or players being rotated between different positions. Or what to do when a session gets off track, or when people are shouting from the sidelines.... it was just fabulous."

"The course covers all aspects of coaching. Really recommend this course for anyone wishing to take a great leap forward in their understanding of coaching in a short time."

"The course is fantastic. I highly recommend it to all the parents and coaches that want to learn the fundamentals of coaching. Rob’s explanations are very clear and simple. Amateurs clubs should be offering this course to all the new and young coaches in their community. Thanks!"

Highly recommend this course.
"The course is fantastic, and I would recommend it to all coaches starting out."

So many great insights!
"Even as a coach with over 35 years of experience, I am always open to new information, and found some gems in the material put forward here."

Loved it.
"Fantastic course, good content, easy to follow."

One of the best online courses available.
"World class instructors assisting you along the way to have a clear understanding of coaching and development . If you are new to coaching or would like to refresh your skill base I would highly recommend this course."

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